Patterson Law To Advise Association Of British Drivers On Legal Issues

Emma Patterson has been asked to be the spokesperson for the Association of British Drivers on issues relating to road traffic law.


Emma has been offering free legal advice by email to the members of ABD for a while.

Emma was honoured to be offered the opportunity to be their spokesperson in relation to issues concerning road traffic law.

ABD has been established for nearly 20 years and is run by volunteers who give up their free time to make sure motorists in the UK are heard when it comes to the creation of legislation and the enforcement of road traffic laws.

ABD have an extremely useful website and if you are interested in discussing issues relating to motoring then its an excellent place to visit on the net.

Click here to access the site.

About Emma Patterson

Emma has built Patterson Law into one of the leading specialist motoring law legal practices in the UK. By carefully assembling a team of exceptional road traffic law experts Patterson Law has been able to out perform their competitors with high success rates in court.
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