No Seat Belt – Arrested


I was at a red traffic light, and blue flashing lights of a police car were behind me, not wanting to move in case I get flashed by a camera on the junction, and then getting 3 points, the police were very annoyed, and after it was orange on the lights I have moved, they opened there windows and started screaming why I haven’t moved, so I said I did not want my 3 points because of them, in rage they said hey you are not wearing a seat belt, and told me to turn in to a side road, where they checked my insurance and licence, then they slapped me with a fine for not wearing my seat belt.

As they gave me my ticket, I demanded they put it in my car, and as they did, I took the ticket from my car and ripped it up in front of them, as to protest that they only gave me ticket for not moving when it was red at the lights, so they said hey you are under arrest, asking why, they said as the ticket is now ripped in two, it’s no more valid and the only way to deal with it is in custody, so they called for a van to arrest me in front of like 70 people.

I was charged with not wearing a seat belt. I’m questioning how could they issue me a ticket for seat belt if they were on an emergency? I’m asking if I ripped up my ticked which was still valid as I could still pay the £60 fine and it was my ticket, how could they harass me and arrested me, I am asking as the ticket was already given to me so the action was done, so how by me tearing it up did that make the ticket invalid so I have to appear in court?

Was the action of ticket issued not make it a closed case? So why do I have to appear in court?

As I suffer from depression, and take medication for it, and I have bipolar disorder, I had a panic attack in the station which can be viewed on camera at the station in custody, which even left me crying and speechless, can I sue for wrongful arrest? And having a panic attack because of it? And I am still traumatized from it….

Please reply if you can help?

Emma Says:

I am sorry that the police treated you so badly.

If you were wearing a seat belt you should plead not guilty and ask for a trial. You also need to complain about your treatment to the IPCC. They will take the matter seriously.

They cannot arrest you for not wearing a seat belt – unless they have doubts about your identity. If that is all you were charged with then you may have a very good complaint for unlawful arrest. Did they suggest that you committed a public order act offence at the scene.

I do not deal with complaints against the police but I can defend the no seat belt matter for you.

Come back to me urgently if you would like my help. I can probably avoid you need to attend court tomorrow.

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