Who Is To Blame For My s.172 Notice Not Being Delivered To Police?


doing 41 mph in a 30mph zone

I do not dispute this offence, but my question is this. On the x I received a notice for this traffic offence, I filled it in on the same day, put a first class stamp on it and sent it back.

However on the x I received a (not delivered) letter from the royal mail inside was the traffic offence notice that I had sent 4 weeks earlier, on the envelope royal mail had ticked the refused box that was on the x (the stamp had fallen off) my question is royal mail only sent it back out to me on the x and I received it on the x that’s 4 weeks. Because of this it has taken me over the 28 day deadline to pay the fine, are they liable?

Dominic Says:

The question is whether or not you are liable for an offence of failing to name the driver. The police may well have issued a summons because they did not get your response.

If they have then we will be able to defend it on the basis that you did provide try to provide the information and there was no criminality on your part.

Keep your evidence in relation to the returned (non delivered) letter and send a copy back to the police, I suggest by recorded delivery urgently.

If they summons you for failing to provide the information you would be at risk of 6 points and a hefty fine.

The burden is on you to provide the information so I suggest you give the safety camera partnership a call as well and tell them what has happened.

Have you got any points already? If so, how many?

Tell me more. Have you heard anything further.

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