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1) I have been allegedly caught at 58mph in 50mph zone

2) I have no recollection of the incident and asked for full evidence.

3) I was sent blurry images and wrote back saying that photos were not sufficient evidence in themselves and that I wanted to see compliance/ calibration certificate.

4) I thought conditional offer of £60 plus 3 points would continue until they answered my second letter.

5) They have now sent me a summons to plead guilty or appear in court x

5) The evidence they rely on is below:-

In accordance with above I hereby certify that a prescribed device approved by the Secretary of State, Gatsometer BV Type 24+Aus, type approval (ISBN 0 11 341046 8) designed or adapted for measuring radar the speed of motor vehicles, was placedat A406 NCR inder East End Road Bridge W/B N2 (7627), monitoring traffic traveling West.

To the best of my knowledge and belief this device was operated in accordance with the approval given and conditions of Type Approval were satisfied. I have no grounds for believing that the information recorded is inaccurate. I am trained in the use of equipment and completely familiar with its operation.

At x vehicle reg mark x caused the device to be activated as a result the following photographic evidence was recorded on Film No x

Vehicle speed recorded 58mph. Speed limit on this section of road is 50mph.

The above is the evidence they are relying on……Is this a calibration certificate????? The police officer’s statement says to the best of his knowledge. To the best of my knowledge I did not think I had broken the speed limit. I have a clean license in 35 years

Louise Says:

The police have to prove their case beyond reasonable doubt. You have to cast a doubt to win.

If the photo evidence does not clearly show a car with a registration mark associated to you on it then you will have a defence.

You say the photos are blurry. Is there an enhanced photo showing the registration mark close up?

The device needs an annual calibration certificate. To date they only seem to have disclosed the officer’s statement. Would you like me to check all the evidence for you and make sure that it is right for you to plead guilty?

Come back to me if you would like my help. If there are problems with identifying the vehicle then we maybe able to avoid the points altogether and get the case withdrawn without a trial.

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