Though It Was A 40 Limit


The alleged offence took place on the x, Gwynedd. I do not remember being flashed by a fixed camera but now recall mentioning to my wife that a white van looked like a camera van after we had passed it.

I certainly do not recall clear signs. The road from memory was an A road leading out of Barmouth climbing a hill and certainly was not a built up area so would have thought it was a 40 limit which I know the camera states I was doing 42mph but would they still pursue a prosecution.

Unfortunately I live 160 miles away from the place so cannot return to check the signs that are permanent. You guidance would be appreciated

Louise Says:

Sometimes you can follow the whole length of the road using Google maps if you zoom in really close.

If there is a system of street lighting in place then the road is automatically a 30 limit and there is no need for speed limit signs.

If you dispute the speed alleged then you should reject the ticket and ask for a court hearing. If you accept that you were doing around that speed then take the ticket and get it over with. Have you got any points already? If so, how many?

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