Community Speed Watch Scheme


I have had a letter from the Surrey Police stating that I was observed driving at an excessive speed of 39 in a 30 limit, by “Volunteers or Police Staff working within the Community Speed Watch Scheme”.

The letter states that my details will be held on a database and monitored for any future incidents of excessive speed.

I deny speeding and do not want my details held on any database. It smacks of being held guilty whilst innocent.

What are my options? Can I ask for the records of the individuals involved, equipment used, training records, calibration records, what law are my details being retained under etc.

Emma Says:

They are using volunteers more and more.

They keep your details so that they can decide whether or not to prosecute if it happens again.

I understand your point and I think it is valid. You have not been convicted of an offence and therefore your details should not be kept. I am not sure as to the legitimacy of keeping the record but the police codes of practice are pretty stringent when it comes to keeping records of arrest etc.

I would consider a complaint to the IPCC and your local station.

Keep me informed of their response I may want to get involved if they cannot justify their stance.

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