Brake Lights Defective


I was stopped earlier today by a police officer. I was told my brake lights where not working which I replied I was unaware. Having checked them a few weeks ago and they where working fine. He gave me a fine of £30. Which I was very surprised about.

I thought if you where stopped like this you were told to get them fixed. You can’t check your brake lights every time you get in your car. Do I have a case against this?

Many thanks

Emma Says:

Did the officer give you points as well or just the fine?

You cannot defend this matter if as a matter of fact the lights were not working. It’s a strict liability offence. If the officer stated that you would get points as well then you may well be able to avoid the points if you are prepared to take the matter to court and reject the ticket.

You could argue special reasons or s.48 RTOA 1988, which states you can avoid the points if you can show that you were unaware.

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