Suspension Too Stiff


I was pulled over the police on 17/05/10, they went around the car and the officer asked me to turn the wheel to the left and then went on to shake the car by trying to rock it side to side and up and down. His conclusion- suspension is too stiff and in a dangerous condition.

I drive a 97 VW POLO, and I have changed the suspension to coil over adjustable suspension. He then presented me with a Fixed Penalty Notice, £60 fine and 3 points.

I would like to challenge this as I believe my suspension is not dangerous, it was fitted by a reputable car shop, and is fully TUV approved. Do I have a case? Has anything like this happen before?

Emma Says;

I have never had a case the same as yours but I have dealt with plenty of allegations of driving vehicles in a dangerous condition before.

You are going to need a statement from a mechanic to confirm that the suspension is not dangerous. If you can get that you stand a reasonable chance of casting a doubt on the officer opinion.

I will be happy to represent you in relation to this matter if you want my help.

Bear in mind that if you take it to court and the court disagree then you will end up with higher fines and court costs.

Have you got any points already? If so, how many? Are you a new driver?

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