Bump In A Car Park


Around February 12th x I had a very slight bump with a stationary car whilst trying to park.

I won’t go into the details of what happened here – but my main question is that on receiving the accusation letter and asking for drivers details – I filled it in and sent it off.

I’ve not heard anything about this since – my main question is how long will this take to process?

It’s been over 6 weeks now since I received that letter and sent it back.

Dominic says:

They can take up to 6 months to issue a summons in relation to these types of offences if that is their intention.

If they do issue a summons you will be at risk of 5-10 points and a hefty fine. Have you got any points already?

You may want to check that they received your response, if they didn’t you could be accused of failing to supply information.

If you were not aware of the bump then you may have a defence to fail to stop and report.

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