I Didn’t Know There Had Been An Accident


What the possible outcome could be? Briefly I am a milk delivery person & the alleged offence happened in January this year at approx. 7am.

I had supposedly hit a car as I drove past it, the car was parked stationary. The first I was aware was then the shop owner (who I had just delivered to) contacted my boss, as if I had known I had done this I would have reported it.

I have to give a statement of alleged events to the police this weekend. I would appreciate any advice you could give at your earliest convenience. Many thanks

Dominic says:

You could be accused of failing to stop and failing to report an accident which carry 5-10 points.

You could also be accused of driving without due care and attention which carries 3-9 points. You would only get points for one of the offence if convicted though and not all of them.

Have you got any pints already?

If you were unaware of the accident then you will have a defence to failing to stop and report.

It may be possible to persuade the police to allow the insurance companies to deal with this matter without the need for a summons to court. If not they may be willing to let you do the driver improvement course as an alternative to prosecution.

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