I Wasn’t Aware Of Contact Between Cars



Received an NIP for the above, in relation to me hitting a parked car whilst pulling out of a parking spot on a road. Although I did feel a bump at the time, I was unsure as to whether I had hit or made contact with anything, I was looking primarily over my right hand shoulder at the oncoming traffic.

Upon arriving home, I noticed a minor scratch on passenger side door of my car and some red mark which rubbed off. As I deemed this relatively minor, I did not consider it necessary to then report the matter.

The car is in my wife’s name we are fully comp insurance, with me as a named driver. I have no penalty points on my licence and have not had any previous traffic convictions, and consider myself a law abiding citizen. I just wondered what I should do now – I would be happy to admit guilt and face any fine and penalty points the court deems fit.

Dominic says:

Have you been summonsed to court for failing to stop and report or have you just been asked to name the driver at the time by the police?

If you have just been asked to name the driver it maybe possible to persuade the police not to take any further action in relation to this matter or to allow you to do the driver improvement course as an alternative to prosecution. Do not make any admissions at this stage if you want to try and do this other than naming yourself as the driver.

If you have been summons to court it maybe possible to persuade the prosecution to allow you to do the course and withdraw the proceedings. In which case you will avoid the 5-10 points that you are currently at risk of.

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