Police Want To Know Who Was Driving


I have received a letter from the police requesting details of the driver and noting the above alleged offences. I have no recollection of an accident on the date on the letter (or any other date) and I can find no damage on my vehicle to indicate an accident has taken place.

I have spoken to the police who tell me that a person has reported to the police station that my vehicle caused damage (a dent to the driver’s door) to their vehicle and that they have a witness to the event. They have not yet had the form back from the witness so couldn’t tell me any more. I have been driving for 30 years and have never had an accident.

I have visited the place where the alleged accident took place, and it may be possible that I could have touched the other person’s car as the location is by a very tight exit from a car park.

I certainly have no memory of hitting another vehicle, or of anything like a bump or jolt to indicate anything had happened. Please advise if you can help.
Thank you.

Dominic says:

I can help you with this matter.

At the moment you are at risk of 5-10 points for failing to stop and report or 3-9 for the due care and attention allegation. As the offence will all have (allegedly) taken place at the same time you will only get points for one of them and not all three.

You have a defence to the fail to stop and the fail to report matter if you were unaware of the accident.

In order to advise on the due care and attention matter we would have to have a look at the evidence and we probably won’t get to see that until the matter gets to court.

We tend to get involved early in these case to try and dissuade the police from taking further action. to date we have succeeded in achieving over a 90% success rate in that regard and charge a fixed fee for the service ( see our fees here ).

We would take a detailed statement from you and then write to the police to try and persuade them to leave the mater to the insurance companies to resolve. if they don’t agree we try and persuade them to let you do the driver improvement course as an alternative to prosecution.

I cannot give you a 100% guarantee but we seem to be doing well in this regard to date.

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