Who’s Fault Was It? Driver Braked Suddenly


Traveling across the junction with North Circular from x Street to x Road on motorcycle. Driver swerved in front of me and performed U turn around the exit bollards with no signal of intention and heavy braking in busy traffic from both directions.

Gave me no time to react due to sudden manoeuvre and I rear ended him. He didn’t stop immediately and I had to give chase. Can I ask about who would be to blame in this situation and who is at fault? I can give more details on the phone. Thank you

 Emma Says:

It’s normally the driver behind that is at fault and gets accused of due care and attention in a rear shunt, but if you can convince the police/court that your version of events is correct then you may be able to defend this matter.

Have you been accused of driving without due care and attention? Were you hurt?

I can help you with this matter but tell me some more and we can then decide if we need to talk. What happened when you caught up with him?

Tell me more.

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