Plead Guilty By Post Or Attend Court?


I had pulled up at a junction to turn right the van coming up the hill was indicating left and slowed to start to pull out I then lifted my foot slightly off the clutch and the van seemed to change his mind and carry on to proceed up x hill and hit the left side of my car and me hitting the middle of his van.

No one was injured and I had two friends in the car who had both seen his indicator on. I don’t no whether to go to court or to plead guilty in writing many thanks

Emma Says:

You will probably be okay pleading guilty by post and you shouldn’t be at risk of a ban. They can give you 3-9 point for this offence. You need to explain that you thought the other driver indicated, but that you should not have taken it for granted that he was turning off the road ( in accordance with the Highway Code) and that he had right of way.

If you would like me to help with your written mitigation then come back to me. i would charge a fixed fee for this service ( see our fees here ) and my aim would be to get you the minimum points and fines possible.

Were you offered the driver improvement course as an alternative to prosecution. It may be possible to persuade the cps to refer the case back to the police for you to do the course. This way you would avoid points and fines.

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