I Hit A Bridge In My Truck


I had the misfortune to have a road traffic accident last week. I am an HGV driver.

However last Tuesday I went into work and was given a delivery to make, however I was given a different truck to my usual one which had a Q7 box on it.

To cut a long story short I forgot about the height of the truck and hit a bridge the truck tipped over and landed on a car thankfully nobody was hurt. I have driven down this road many times and have never had any problems.

How do you suggest I proceed?

Emma Says:

I assume that you have been warned that you will get a summons for driving without due care and attention?

As a professional driver the court will take this matter seriously. It could have turned out a lot worse than it did.

Thankfully you weren’t hurt!

Have you got any points on your licence at the moment? You will get 3-9 points for this. Was the bridge properly signposted? Did you damage the bridge/stop the traffic for a while?

I will be happy to get involved on your behalf to try and dissuade the police from issuing a summons. They may be willing to let you do the driver improvement course as an alternative to prosecution but I suspect they may feel its too serious for that if a lot of damage was done.

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