Can I Avoid Revocation For No Insurance


Hi there, I been caught on the road by the police with no insurance. It was my misunderstanding. I was insured in my dad’s car as a named driver.

I thought I could drive other cars as far as the car I was driving is fully insured. Obviously when they caught me that wasn’t the case. What can I do in order to not getting points on my licence?

Can I go to court and make it a court case? If I do so, what are the chances of me winning the case?

Please help me out.

Paula Says:

You would need to get the court to give you a short ban instead of the points. You have to be very careful not to make the court feel manipulated and put forward compelling mitigation.

I don’t know the national statistics for those that succeed in doing this but we help almost 90% of our new drivers avoid revocation and I will be happy to help you in writing for a fixed fee or by sending an advocate to court with you for a secondary fixed fee ( see our fees here ).

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