Permitting No Insurance Offence


I have been endorsed with 6 points for the above permitting no insurance offence, this was a result of my brother driving my vehicle when I believed he was covered by his own insurance.

This was explained to the police at the time of the incident and I was advised that I would not be prosecuted nor would I receive points on my licence.

Now I have been endorsed with 6 points I would like to know if I am able to appeal against the conviction.

Many thanks,

Paula Says:

Did you plead not guilty on the basis that you only gave permission on the precondition that he was insured?

Did you plead guilty but just write in your mitigation that you thought he was insured? If so it may be possible to get the court to reopen the case and have a trial, rather than you having to appeal to the crown court.

I may have been able to get this case withdrawn by the persecution if we had got involved earlier. You have 21 days to appeal the sentence/conviction.

Tell me how you responded to the summons and I will try to help further. Have you got any points already?


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