Can I Deny Being The Driver?


No insurance

I got pulled on a motorbike with no insurance the policeman told me to sign a bit paper and then said I will get a letter in the post and that was it. He never asked me for id. Could I go to court, deny it and say it wasn’t me on the bike, its my word against his or not.

Paula Says:

If you were the person stopped by the police officer and you deny the offence when you get the summons there will be a trial and the officer will identify you as the driver.

The court will then have to decide whether or not the officer has proved beyond reasonable doubt that you were the driver at the time and if the court is happy that he has you will get higher fines and court costs. You will also get 6-8 points on your licence.

If you lie on oath and the officer can prove that you are lying you could face imprisonment for perjury.

Have you got any points already? If so, how many? Are you a new driver?

Tell me more.

I maybe able to help you without you getting into any more trouble.

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