Can The Police Hide Behind A Bush !


For the last 9 months I have taken a job in Aberdeen. I generally travel up and down by car. Unfortunately last month I received a fixed penalty notice and have subsequently received 3 points. This is my first points in 5 years. Last Friday at approx 9pm I was caught doing 96mph in a 60mph limit.

I did not see the police car as it was hidden in a side road along with its occupants. Once I had past it I slowed right down and the police car chased after me, stopped me and showed me evidence of me doing 96mph over 400m distance. I have not received any paper work as of yet but they said I would be charged.

Are the police allowed to hide out of view to catch me? Can you help? Can you offer any advice?

Louise Says:

Yes I’m afraid they can hide in order to detect speeding offences. There are various guidelines that suggest that speed traps should be used as a deterrent and should be visible but I’m afraid if you get charged to court the court will only be interested in whether or not the police can prove beyond reasonable doubt that you were speeding.

If they are satisfied that the evidence is sound then you will be convicted.

You are going to be at risk of a discretionary ban for the 96 in a 60 offence. I appreciate that you need to be able to travel for your work. I help over 95% of my clients avoid this type of ban and I will be happy to look after you.

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