Speeding To Overtake – TED!


68 mph in a 60 speed limit.

As I was overtaking traffic that had slowed for the camera van, is it still an offence? I knew the cameras whereabouts and, as a taxi driver of eighteen years, would never speed intentionally but I thought that the only time you could break a speed limit was whilst overtaking, to reduce the Time Exposed to Danger (TED).

Dominic Says:

I do hear this suggested on a fairly regular basis but it’s a myth.

There is no situation where you are allowed by law to break the speed limit. If the prosecution/police feel they can prove the speed alleged and if the speed is above the limit then they can and will prosecute.

Sorry – not good news I know – but the only people that can speed without breaking the law are emergency vehicle drivers in the course of their duty.

You can argue special reasons if you were driving in the course of an emergency yourself – but even then it would be mitigation rather than a defence.

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