Car Crash – Without Due Care And Attention


On Tuesday 12th March at 4pm I was traveling to B hospital as my mum got rushed in by ambulance as an emergency, I followed on to the hospital an hour later. I took the turn off on to a 40 mph road in stop start traffic, I couldn’t emergency stop so I went into the car in front of me, and so the car in front went into the next car and next car. So Four cars involved.

I didn’t manage to do a emergency stop in time. Of course I was shaken up and taken by ambulance to hospital myself.

At the car crash incident my phone was checked which was fine, none of us got breathalised at all which I find amazing. Yesterday I got called into Police station to give a statement as I haven’t been able to do this due to my mum being critically ill in hospital and trying to manage two young children.

Basically the other cars have said that I pushed them along the real damage was to my vehicle and slight to others, nobody else was hurt except for myself. In the meantime PC had said over the phone that I wasn’t being prosecuted and then last night she pulled this one on me, plus also my husband and I didn’t realise our car needed to be MOT by Jan 25th x and it hadn’t.

So this is where I am at the moment, so worried and upset as I have never had a driving conviction or points on my licence. The only other thing I was told that I couldn’t do the driving course anymore as Essex don’t do it anymore can you believe this?

At the incident I was treated terribly by the police all six of them, and I feel so very low and depressed about this in such an innocent situation it was an accidental car crash and nothing else, I have never been accused of reckless driving before but I was so worried my mum could of died in the ambulance.

I didn’t cause any injuries to anyone and at such a slow speed. I do feel this is so unfair. And of course I’m not happy by the way the police have treated me in this incident. I look forward to your reply.

Emma Says:

I’m afraid you are always going to struggle to defend a case when you hit another car from behind. Despite that you have a lot of mitigation and I would hope the court will be sympathetic.

You may be able to argue that its an abuse of process if they promised you that you would be prosecuted – but I anticipate that that was on the basis that you complete the driver improvement course.

It may be possible to get you on the driver improvement course in a different area if you are willing to do it.

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