Hit By A Van On Roundabout – Not Me Driving Without Due Care!


I was knocked of my motorbike on a roundabout. There are 6 exits on the roundabout and I was exiting the 3rd. I stayed on the outside lane as I was taught by a driving instructor.

All learner drivers are shown the exact same way. I entered roundabout behind a van and he went straight to the centre lane, he then realised he missed the 2nd exit and cut back straight into me, I suffered broken bone in foot, finger and ribs.

Now I’m told I could be prosecuted for driving without due care for being in wrong lane. I have spoken to driving instructors and examiners and they all say I have done nothing wrong. Any advice you could give would be of help?

Emma Says:

I understand your concerns and from what you have said I don’t think you will be prosecuted. Have you been warned by the police that you might be?

If you do get a summons I will be happy to have a look at the evidence for you and advise you on whether or not the matter can be defended. Until we get the evidence its difficult to appreciate what the van driver maybe suggesting.

Come back to me if you get a summons and I will help further.


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