My Car Was Not In That Place At That Time!


I have just received a notice of intended prosecution in the post for speeding.

I was in work at the time and there is no way that my vehicle was in the area at the time.

I only have the three responses that I can give.

1 I was the driver

2 I wasn’t the driver

3 The car did not belong to me at the time.

I have to respond to the notice within 28 days and it could take longer to get any photographic evidence back.

Should I just request the evidence say that I was driving and challenge the issue when the summons comes??

Dominic says:

You need to ask to see the photo and explain that you cannot see how your car could have been in that place at that time.

Did you have the car with you at work? how far from where you were is the location of the alleged offence? What’s the alleged speed?

You should ask for the photos and explain the problems you are having. You should ask them to extend the 28 day time limit and put everything in writing.

If you run out of time you need to state that you are unable to name the driver. You will then be at risk of 6 points but you will have to cast a doubt on the suggestion by the police that it was your car in the photo.

Tell me more and I will be able to assist further. Have you got any points already? Does anyone else have access to your car?

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