Temporary Speed Limit


Speeding at 63 mph in a 50 mph temporary speed limit

Your road traffic offence question: Can a temporary speed limit be enforced at the road side when the permanent limit is 60 and I was caught doing 63 in a 60 mph this can be discredited by the 10 per cent plus 2 law which applies and this was caught on 25/4/x and only received ticket on the Friday just gone is this issued within the time limits for tickets I ask?

Louise Says:

If the temporary speed limit was properly signed and authorised then yes it can be enforced if you were exceeding that temporary limit by 13 mph.

There is no 10% plus 2 law. There are simply guidelines under which they don’t prosecute but for 13 mph over the limit they will.

If you are the registered keeper of the car they have to tell you about the offence within 14 days. If you are not then they don’t I’m afraid.

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