Car Seized No Licence


I had just parked my car in front on my house on the road. Then a police car was coming from the opposite direction then suddenly stopped and he came over to where I was standing, he asked the type driving licence, I told him I had a provisional driving licence and previously had a foreign driving licence.

I am a registered keeper, the car has MOT and comprehensive insurance cover which he confirmed with the Police HQ database.

He asked me to show the drivers licence which I did. He then told that he was impounding my car because I was using a provisional licence and did not display the ”L” plates which I normally do, and that I should go to the police station with my licence and insurance and pay £150 to the motor vehicle removal company for me to get the car back.

What I do not understand is why he seized the car when :

1. I had parked the vehicle in front of my house, I was away from home.

2. He checked the all the necessary information about the car.

I think this is day light robbery by the Police for them to seize the car and then ask me to pay £150, even after I agreed to pay a fixed penalty for not displaying the ‘L’ plate.

My question is was the police officer in order to impound my car just because I am a provisional Drivers licence holder and did not display the ‘L’ plate ?

Paula Says:

If the car was on a public road or in a public place and it is being used without insurance (having the opportunity to use it is enough) then the officer can seize it if it is not covered by insurance or if you don’t have a proper licence to drive it.

I’m afraid the officer was within his powers to do what he did.

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