Not Displaying L Plates


I was stopped by a wpc, (she said for speeding 33 in a 30) I am a provisional driver.

She gave me a yellow slip (producer) which said I was unaccompanied but I was not unaccompanied.

In her statement to the court she says that “the passenger was neither over 21 not held a full licence so was not a suitable supervisor” Yet she never spoke to the passenger, she has no idea who he was, how old or whether he held a licence or not and her producer says there was no passenger.

She wrote down everything in her notebook but will have no note of speaking to the passenger

She is being completely inconsistent. It is true that I did not have L plates (I forgot to put them on) I do not want to have to plead guilty can you advise as to what is the best thing to do

Paula Says:

She has just written out the standard description of the offence by the sounds of it. If you accept that you didn’t have L plates you are still going to get convicted if you admit that at court.

The offence is driving not in accordance with your licence and if you didn’t have L plates then you should plead guilty at the earliest opportunity.

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