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I currently have 9 points on my licence all for speeding and have received a letter stating I was recorded doing 36 in a 30 limit by a Community Speed Watch group.

A letter from the police states no action to be taken but if caught again my name will be added to a “list of persistent speeders”.

Can you advise what action can be taken if I were to be recorded over the limit again by a CSW group?

The letter gives me the opportunity to apply to attend a speed awareness course which I have registered to do.

Look forward to your reply

Graham Says:

I think they are a group of volunteers (neighbourhood watch sort of thing) that get loaned a speed camera (I have heard of one organisation that have bought their own!!) and then monitor the local roads.

If they do it to you again and the police feel that their evidence is reliable then the police could try and prosecute. You will then have to cast a doubt on the reliability of their evidence.

I have no idea whether they are properly trained to use these cameras and they probably wouldn’t do a good job under cross examination at court – they won’t be used to being in the court room. I also don’t think the court would like the evidence if they are not trained police officers. Come back to me if it happens again.

Have a look at this – it tells you what they are about.

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