Being Tailgated!


Hi, I have a court summons for a week Monday, I was caught doing 51 mph in a 30 zone, I already have 4 points for speeding last year.

The offence was in december and there is a photo although you cannot see my face, I only accelerated as I was being tailgated and I was trying to get away from someone driving right up against my car, what is the best thing to do?

Should I plead guilty by post? I am worried about more points as I can only just afford my car insurance now. Thank you

Louise Says:

You have been summonsed because the speed was too high for a fixed penalty.

If you were speeding because someone was tail gating you then you will have a special reasons argument and may be able to avoid the points/ban. We have won similar cases.

If you avoid a ban you will get between 4-6 points for the offence which will put you in a difficult position going forward.

Have you asked for the photographic evidence? Does that show the other car tailgating?

If you would like my help with this matter I will be happy to assist. We have over a 75% success rate in relation to special reasons arguments and if the prosecution are feeling nice they may even withdraw.

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