Company Van


My father and I were in a company van that has been assigned to us. We received a nip form that our company forwarded to us to complete.

The problem is that as the offence was almost 2 weeks ago we can not remember who was driving at that time. Can the met police provide photograph evidence to assist us so whoever was at fault can accept the penalty?

Dominic Says:

You should ask for the photos to see if they help. If not you will be at risk of a summons for failing to name the driver.

You must show that you have done your best to figure out who was driving at the time. If the registered keeper is an individual rather than the company then they will be at risk of 6 points. Who was asked to provide the information? You or the company? Have you had a look at the photos?

You must name all potential drivers if you cannot figure it out. I have a very good track record (almost 90%) in persuading the police not to take further action in respect of these matters and I will be happy to help you if you don’t know the answer.

Come back to me if you need further help.

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