Threatened If I Name The Driver


My son has been issued with a notice under the above act as follows:

Being the keeper/driver of a MOTORCYCLE ‘PIT BIKE’

Registered number Unregistered the driver of which alleged to have been made guilty of an offence to which section 172(1)Road Traffic Act 1988 as amended applied, in CHURCHILL WAY, BURTON LATIMER at the time of: 13.45 on the: 2ND day of : JUNE x,  and has been required to state the name and address of the driver of that vehicle on the occasion mentioned..Failure to comply etc.

My son had already sold this bike before the 2nd June, to someone else. It is not a registered vehicle and I am wondering exactly how he stands in relation to this. He knows who was riding it, but is just 17, birthday today, and the person in question is older than him and he is frightened of him and fears that if he tells the police who it is he will in his words “get his head kicked in”.

The police brought the form by hand to the door, but at no time has he been spoken to by a policeman/woman only a CSO. He is feeling rather frightened by the thought that he could be beaten up by the person in question and very intimidated by the police. I am wondering exactly what his rights are in this case and whether he could in fact incur a £1,000 fine and 6 points on his licence.

Thank you very much for taking the time to look at this, and I am most grateful for your time.
Many thanks

Dominic Says:

Your son has to respond to the request for information otherwise he will get 6 points and a hefty fine. Anyone can be asked to provide this information, even if they are not the registered keeper of the car in question.

If you know who was driving and you fail to give that information then you get 6 points. If your son has passed his test he will lose his licence if he fails to comply. If he hasn’t passed his test then when he does he will have 6 points added and they will have a dramatic effect on his insurance premiums.

He needs to juts do the right thing and if he is being threatened he needs to tell the police

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