Contravening A Traffic Light


On Sunday 5th April, I went through a red traffic light at a filter when it was not my turn to go, it was a designated filter. I thought it was a filter that you can go up to the middle of the road before turning if it is clear.

I am a new driver and my licence is clean so far passed my test on June 16th x, I am concerned about the points thank you

Graham Says:

I’m afraid this is a strict liability offence and if you admit crossing the stop line you are not going to have a defence. Having said that we maybe able to argue special reasons to avoid the points if the court accepts that you were under the genuine misapprehension that you could proceed.

It wouldn’t be an easy argument and if you lost you would face higher fines and court costs than the fixed penalty offer.

If you decide to take the fixed penalty then keep my details in case you need my help in the future. I help almost 90% of my new driver clients avoid revocation.

If you are up for a fight come back to me and I will take the matter to court for you.

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