Convicted Two Years Ago




Had NIP and asked for written details on calibrations, photo’s and viewed video from the laser vehicle gun which I received. The correspondence from the police stopped without a summons being given in x?

Can they come without warning to your home and ask for conditional monthly payments of increased penalty costs from x or take you into custody without bail?

If the police representative claims letters were sent to me demanding payment or court appearance but I have not received, what rights do I have and can my sp30 still be live? Many thanks

Louise Says:

It sounds as though they summonsed you for the speeding offence / failing to name the driver and they are now trying to enforce the fine. You will have points on your licence as well – perhaps 6 – check with the DVLA.

We can make a statutory declaration to set aside the fine and the points if you act fast.

You need to make the applications with 21 days of finding out that you had been convicted of an offence.

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