Speeding Offence – Bite their hand off!


I was stopped speeding doing 96mph on the M3 on the 5th January.

I didn’t surrender my licence but have since been to the police station and done so.

I was about to pay the £60 when I noticed the FPN says the wrong date.

I have read your page about mistakes and the ticket not being evidence but thought I’d still ask as paying the £60 for a ticket dated over a year ago just seems wrong.

Louise Says:

The officer will correct his mistake at court if you challenge the matter and will convince the court that it was simply a mistake – you were lucky to get 3 points and a fixed penalty offer for that speed.

Bite their hand off and take the ticket if you agree that you were going too fast – don’t take this to court because you will be at much greater risk of fines and points.

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