Speeding And Speed Awareness Course Offer


I was caught by a fixed camera traveling at 36mph in a 30mph zone. I do not dispute this but have been offered a choice by the Metropolitan Police, to pay £60.00 and three penalty points on my licence or £90.00 and attend a speed awareness course without any penalty points on my licence.

I regard this as an extreme penalty for such a minor offence where a caution would have been sufficient. Are there any grounds where I might be exempt from payment and receiving penalty points or attending workshop?

 Louise Says:

You can only avoid doing the course of taking the ticket if you contest the allegation and successfully defend yourself.

If you accept the speed then you should take the ticket or the course. You will end up with higher fines and court costs if you take the matter to court with having a defence..The court has no discretion unless the speed was due to an emergency.

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