I Couldn’t See The Speed Camera


I was caught speeding by a camera at 4am doing 38 in a 30mph zone but I’m sure I was doing 34-35 and the camera is covered by an over grown hedge and has made the yellow part of the camera green and black.

I have a pic but not good plus there is a lamp post next to it so the light is making the camera invisible till day light which you still cannot see until you are within 5 meters away I have got my speeding form what shall I do send it off straight away? Thanks

Louise Says:

Thank you for your question.

Speed cameras do not have to be visible by law. There are guidelines that suggest they should be, but if you challenge the allegation the only thing the court will be interested in is whether or not the police can prove their case against you beyond reasonable doubt.

If you accept that you were speeding – which it seems that you do – then you should take the ticket. Otherwise you put yourself at risk of higher fines and court costs.

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