Wrong Offence Code Is Not A Defence



Having been pulled over and booked by police who were pointing a laser gun at my car, they issued me a ticket stating the alleged offence above.

I took the ticket to my local police station and showed them my ins. details etc. and they kept my licence to send to the DVLA. I then posted off my £60 fine.

The ticket was dated 4 June ’10 and the station sent my licence off on 7 June but I have not had it returned yet.

I was tonight completing an insurance renewal form online, and when it asked for the offence code, my ticket said VS31 – and that code is not listed.

Is there any chance of avoiding the 3 points on a technicality, or is the VS31 a legit code?

Louise Says:

It sometimes takes a while for them to send back the licence with the endorsement on it.

The code on the ticket is often not the actual offence codes. Police stations have there own codes. The ticket is not evidence. You have accepted the fixed penalty and there is no way to back track.

Even if you could this would not amount to a defence I’m afraid. Your licence will come back with the sp30 offence code on it.

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