I Couldn’t Stop Safely


I have been given 3 points for a red light offence which would take me to 9 points previously I have 6 points due to speeding. I had to re-take my license as it was within the 1st two years since passing. I have been driving with so much care and attention since I re passed as I never wanted to get points again, a whole year without problems brought my insurance down but then this.

Last Thursday I came from the motorway onto x in Nottingham (I’m not sure whether the speed is 30/40 after the motorway) and as I approached the lights I was doing about 35-40 mph and the lights changed to amber, I looked behind and there was a car so I decided it was safer to carry on as if I was to try and stop for the lights changing to red I would have to of slammed on the brakes possibly leading the driver behind to crash into me.

Or I would of still not been able to stop for the line and just crept over so I continued hoping it would be OK but I received the letter Saturday. I am going to request a photo as well but I was wondering if you know anything that could help me get off with these 3 points as I feel really really hard done by. Thanks

Graham Says:

There is no defence to crossing the line after the lights have changed to red. The only defence is if you go across on amber and you can show that it wasn’t safe to stop.

The court will take the view that you should have approached the lights in such a way as to be able to stop should the lights change.

You are going to be in a difficult position and if you get another three points within 3 years of the first ones you will get a 6 month ban.

Keep my details in case anything else happens as I help over 90% of my clients avoid totting up bans.

Come back to me if you have any questions after you have seen the photos.

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