At Least He’s Honest – Sort Of?


I have got an NIP for contravening a red light. I was wondering if I could say that I was not the driver, and my friend abroad who was visiting me drove the car. If I could do that will I still have to go to the court.

Thank you

Dominic says:

You have to tell the truth and be honest otherwise you put yourself at risk of being accused of perverting the course of justice and if found out you would go to prison.

If you name someone abroad the police won’t believe you. They hear it all the time and know it’s just an attempt to avoid the points. They will ask you to prove that the person you let driver the car was insured and if you can’t they will summons you for either failing to name the driver for permitting them to drive without insurance. Both of which carry 6 points.

Have you got any points already? If so how many? Tell me more and I maybe able to help you further without you risking getting into more trouble.

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