I Was Out Of The County At The Time



Your road traffic offence question: I lent the car to a group of friends who were setting up their car boot stall and a camera flashed someone doing 37mph in a 30 mph zone I asked for the photographic evidence but it was no use I could not make out anything let alone the driver or passengers.

I told this to the police and they have sent me a letter saying I will receive a court summons in due course what else could I have done I don’t know who was driving at the time I wasn’t even in the same county.

Dominic Says:

You will get a summons for failing to name the driver if you cannot provide the police with the information that they need. You will then be at risk of 6 points.

You must name the people that you lent the car to and all potential drivers. You must also make sure that they were insured to drive – otherwise you could be accused of permitting them to drive without insurance – which also carries 6-8 penalty points.

Have you got any penalty points on your licence already? Are you a new driver?

You are going to need to show that you have used reasonable diligence to figure out who was driving at the time in order to defend yourself.

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