I Named My Cousin



I have been summonsed with both of the above offences. I provided details of my cousin who was driving. The police could not contact her, or at least didn’t hear anything back from her. So I have been summonsed for both. I don’t understand why or how they can do that?

After all I provided the details and if they don’t know it was me driving how can they summons for the speeding as well?

Dominic Says:

You are at risk of 6 points – are you a new driver? Do you have any points already?

The police did not believe you I’m afraid. If your cousin did not confirm that she was the driver then the police will assume that she wasn’t and that you did not provide the correct details.

They will try and prosecute you for the speeder because there is a presumption that the registered keeper was the driver.

Where does your cousin live? Did you provide her full contact details? Did the police bother to write to her.

If you told the truth in naming her then I should be able to get this matter withdrawn without the need for a trial. I get over 83% of these cases withdrawn without trial and will be happy to assist.

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