Court Is Only Cheaper If You Win!


I wonder if you can help me. I have received a NIP for allegedly doing 45mph in a 30mph area.

I don’t remember seeing the camera flash or indeed traveling quite so excessively over the limit. I would not have reason to speed that fast in a built up residential road and have never done so before! I am therefore in doubt about it.

I really do not want to get points on my license and can’t really afford the fine.

The online photograph is from the back of the car and no driver is visible. The online calibration certificate doesn’t say it is Home Office approved (GATSO system).

I believe that this is just a form of tax on the motorist and am morally against paying it. Whilst I may have been briefly going faster than 30mph, I don’t trust their evidence, and to me the photo of my car is meaningless.

Is it possible to successfully contest this? Many thanks for your advice.

Louise says:

If you don’t accept that you were speeding at any stage then you should reject the ticket and ask for a court hearing – but if you lose at court it will cost you a lot more in fines and court costs than the fixed penalty offer.

You don’t get to see all the evidence unless you reject the ticket and take the matter to court. You have no right to see the evidence until that stage.

The police don’t have to prove the identity of the driver – you need to name the driver otherwise you get 6 points and around a £600 fine for failing to provide that information.

If you accept that you may have been speeding – even a little – at court you will be convicted so be very careful.

If money is a real issue then be very careful because you can easily end up paying far more than the fixed penalty fine. If you take it to court you may need to employ an expert to cast a doubt on the reliability of the speed detection device.

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