Driver Improvement Course Or Court, Points And A Fine!


I was stopped on x. It was a normal patrol car single manned. He said he had followed me for about the last 10 miles and that I had been doing 70mph in the 60 limit and 40mph in the 30 zone. It was a misty morning.

He did not have any speed tracking equipment in his car, or any on board camera.

He then gave me a choice to conduct the interview in the car or he would take me to the police station to conduct it there – I needed to go to work so felt pressured to do it in the car. This was a written statement. He asked me loads of questions which he wrote all down – he asked me the speed limits at certain points which I told him.

He then asked me what speed I was doing and I said I didn’t know – he asked why and I said I wasn’t concentrating and had other things on my mind. He stated what speeds he was following me at.

As it was a normal patrol car I don’t think he can prove my speed in anyway – and I believe his speedometer is not calibrated in that type of patrol cars.

I have been given a choice to either take the driver improvement course or to go to magistrate’s court.

I don’t want to pay the £140 for the course as I don’t think they can prove anything in court.

What do you think?

 Emma Says:

The officer can form the opinion that you are speeding and then back up his opinion evidence by doing a follow check using the speedometer in his car.

You cannot be charged for due care and attention based on speed alone unless the road conditions were very dangerous.

It’s up to you whether you take the course – but if you refuse its likely they will charge you with at least speeding for which you would get 3 points.

Have you got any points already? If you at least accept that you were speeding then you may be best off taking the offer to avoid any penalty points.

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