I Crossed The Hatched Area On A Slip Road


Hi, I had missed my turn off for the M6 and was entering the m6 toll, I realised I had forgot my wallet and had no cash so I decided to cross the hatched markings on the slip road to get back onto the M6, its the 1st time I’ve ever done anything that stupid, it was a silly split second decision but I panicked as I didn’t have any way to pay the toll fee.

I’m a HGV driver and very concerned about the possible penalty I will receive. I wasn’t pulled over but there are camera’s on that stretch of motorway. What penalty would I most likely receive and is it likely the cameras would have picked it up?

I was driving a lorry at the time.

Any advice would be appreciated

Graham Says:

I wouldn’t start panicking just yet. I understand what’s at stake but the chances are you won’t get a NIP in the post and it won’t have been spotted.

The registered keeper (your boss?) has to be sent a NIP within 14 days if the police want to prosecute. There are exceptions to this rule but they normally manage to stick to it.

If you do get a NIP it will most likely be dealt with by a fine and points. If it goes to court I think the magistrates will have a degree of sympathy.

Have you got any points?

Keep my details and keep me informed of anything that happens and I will be happy to advise further.

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