Is Fixed Penalty Defective – Can I Ignore It?


I have just been stopped by the police for failing to obey a no entry sign, and given an endorsement. They copied my address onto the fixed penalty slip from my driving licence.

My correct address is on my driving licence, but they have copied it incorrectly, writing the wrong flat number on the form. All other parts of the form have been completed correctly – is this endorsement invalid because of the mistake with the address?

Rob Says:

If you accept that you were stopped and you accept that you committed the offence then ignoring the ticket will lead to you getting a court summons and higher fines and court costs.

Now they may not be able to find you because the address is wrong – but if that happens they will convict you in your absence and impose fines against you without your knowledge – you will then get a bailiff turning up trying to take your goods – because they will track you down.

You could also get a warrant issue by the fines court.

If you accept the allegation take the fixed penalty.

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