Dad Said He Would Sort My Insurance


During the month prior to my test I was insured on my parents car and passed on the 09/04/10. After informing my dad about passing he told me he would extend my insurance for a few weeks until I left the country on the 19/04/10 to start my new job in x (this job was the reason I learnt to drive).

However, on Monday 12/04/10 I was stopped by traffic police in x for driving sheepishly. After a short chat the officer was about to let me go but ran my details through the computer.

Apparently while the vehicle was insured in my Mum, Dad and Brothers name my personal insurance had run out on the 7/04/10 – 5 days earlier (I was completely unaware of my lack of insurance, having been told by my dad he would take care of it).

I was informed by the officer that it was a 6 point offence and my license would probably be revoked since I only have a new ‘6 point licence’. I am currently awaiting the summons.

The problem is that I am required to have a driving license for my new role in x. I have flights books for 19/04/10 and I am contracted to work 12 months. Without a licence I would have to renege on these commitments and be subject to heavy financial penalties in regards to housing contracts and moving back to the UK.

Considering the context of this offence and the extreme hardship I will face is there anyway I could plead guilty but argue mitigating circumstances, avoiding the full 6 points, and therefore not having my licence revoked?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Louise Says:

I think you have a very good special reasons argument to avoid the points altogether if your dad will confirm that he agreed to make sure you were covered.

A special reasons argument is not easy but yours is strong and has good prospects of succeeding.

What’s happening with the move? Have you moved already?

I can help you with this matter. We have good success rates in relation to these arguments. You will not avoid the points by simply mitigating.

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