I Allowed My Partner To Drive


About 1 1/2 month ago me and my fiancée from Egypt were traveling on the motorway back home to Aberdeen. I allowed my fiancée to drive the car for a short while, which is only insured by my name, because I was 36 weeks pregnant at that time and was feeling very tired.

Unfortunately the police stopped us and my fiancée was asked to provide them with his driving licence but they did not recognize his licence as it was in Arabic script. We have now received a letter from the Procurator Fiscal charging us with the following:

– My fiancée: for not producing a driving licence in a format which could be verified

– My fiancée: for driving the car without insurance

– Myself: for letting him drive without insurance.

Could you please provide us with some information on what would be the likely charges (fines, penalties) for us in this case. Should we just plead guilty or can we provide any information to the Court that would reduce our charges?

Thanking you in advance.

Paula Says:

I’m afraid that you are both at risk of 6-8 points and a hefty fine. Probably around £500 – 700 each.

There will be court costs as well but they are reduced if you plead guilty early.

I’m afraid you don’t have a special reasons argument to avoid the points.

You have good mitigation though and that may help you keep the fines down. You can ask for time to pay.

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