Dad Supposed To Insure Me


No insurance

I am 18 yrs old passed car driving test 3 months ago. Police stopped me on 31 o5 2010 my insurance ran out on 28-05-2010. I thought I was still insured because my dad was dealing with this matter to insure me.

What can I do to keep my licence?

Paula Says:

If your dad is willing to confirm that he was supposed to be dealing with the matter then you will have what’s called a special reasons argument. If the court accepts that you were driving under the genuine and reasonable misapprehension that you were insured they won’t put any points on you.

I help almost 90% of my new driver clients avoid bans and I will be happy to help you with this matter.

Have you got a court hearing date? You cannot accept a fixed penalty if you want to avoid the points and keep your licence.

If the special reasons argument doesn’t work you will need to try and persuade the court to give you a short ban rather than the points. This will be mean that you avoid revocation.

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