Dangerous Driving Ban And Retest – I Am A New Driver


I was driving a vehicle on provisional license and no insurance, I was not aware I had no licence as I was banned in x for dangerous driving which ran out in x I thought I had my licence back but I had to retake test as one of the terms was not aware I got imprisoned for it, and my insurance was not renewed.

I was actually insured first but dangerous driving was missed and therefore no insurance anyway I am ready to take points and fine that’s no problem.

I have a dilemma as soon as I found out I had provisional I quickly passed my theory within a week and now am contemplating to take my test or not as if I pass I will risk losing my licence as I will receive points for this offence and you get revoked if 6 points are received of first 2 years of licence.

Will I able to somehow pass now as I need a car to get to work and when points come as it was before I passed driving will they revoke or due to technicality of passing after the date of the offence can I just get points and keep my licence been a month still no summons and this is affecting my life so need advice you can also call me if needed on XXX thanks and what will the likely outcome be of no licence no insurance if I go guilty by post?

 Louise Says:

You won’t have your licence revoked because the two years starts from the date when you first pass a relevant test. If you passed a full driving test before you were convicted for dangerous driving then you wont be a new driver now, despite the fact that you are having to do a retest.

You will still get 6-8 points on your licence and the court will expect you to attend. It’s unlikely that they will let you plead guilty by post. You could be at risk of a discretionary ban due to your driving history.

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