Daughter Not Sure Who Was Driving


Hi, this is on behalf of my daughter who suffers from medical conditions.

The police photographs do not show the driver, but she has written stating she is the registered owner but cannot recall who was driving as her Husband also uses the car. They both work within half mile of each other and depending on either work pattern it could have been either of them driving.

She has informed the police that it is probably, rather than possible, one of them but is not sure. But having checked diaries etc neither of them can recall which one may have been driving.

My daughter had a NIP’s but now the police have sent a NIP’s to her husband!

The NIP’s states going through a red light.

My daughter is reluctant to say it was either of them as naming the wrong person is an offence in itself.

This is not about the fine or points its about my daughters fear of perjury (and now her husband finds himself in the same position)

Can you advise on this please?

Dominic says:

How long after the alleged offence did your daughter receive the request for information? Was it in a common location and at a time of day when either of them could have been driving?

Do they share one car? Who normally has it during the course of the day.

Your daughter is right not to guess at who was driving if she is not sure, but the police will probably accuse her of failing to name the driver – possibly both her and Zack, so they are going to have to show that they have used reasonable diligence in order to figure it out.

I sometimes get involved at this stage to try and dissuade the police from taking the matter further. We succeed just over 80% of the time.

If your daughter would like my help with this matter then come back to me. It would be a fixed fee of £250 plus vat and if the police still issue a summons we take the fee off the costs of defending the matter at court – we have a 95.5% success rate at court.

Does your daughters medical condition affect her short term memory? Its just you made reference to that and I wondered if it was relevant?

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