Didn’t Know Licence Was Revoked


Hi, I was stopped last month as a random stop by the police and he did the normal police checks and then he informed me that I had no valid licence as it had been revoked last year due to me being charged for driving without insurance which I knew nothing about either, so no licence or insurance.

In 2008 December I was given 3 points for stopping in a pelican controlled area then I was informed the system said I had no insurance so I was told to produce in 7 days. I went and said to my knowledge I was insured my mom and dad paid it for me and to my knowledge I was insured. I was told by person on reception if the case was to be taken forward you will be informed. I never heard anything.

I moved out of my then house in July 2009 and still hadn’t received and correspondence of anybody from police or court, I was then stopped in June 2010 and told by the police officer the system shows you have no licence as it had been revoked due to me being charged for driving without insurance which I was charged with 6 points which meant under the new drivers act my licence had been revoked.

I knew nothing of any of this. so I have been charged for driving without a licence even though I knew nothing about it. I have received a summons to go to court over this matter can you help me?

Paula Says:

I can help you with this matter.

Its sounds as though you were convicted in your absence and the court imposed 6 penalty points.

Because you did not engage, the DVLA have revoked your licence.

You may get another no insurance charge this time which will put you at risk of a totting ban for 6 months if convicted. The police may argue that the lack of a licence invalidates your insurance.

If you would like my help then please come back to me. I would charge a fixed fee of £600 plus vat to deal with an exceptional hardship argument if you are facing a totting ban. We may be able to reopen the old case and get the 6 points off by making a special reasons argument. This would lift the revocation going forward. The fee includes your representation at court – come back to me if I can help further and we can talk.

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